Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving is here and gone and what a holiday it was. Scott and I wanted to be with both of our families so we had to figure out how to get it done. We decided to spend breakfast with my crew, have him play in the Turkey bowl, and then drive to his family in California for dinner.

We knew it was going to be a lot in one day but we knew we could make it work. Breakfast was fun with Toni, Seann, his daughter Ashley, Jake, Nikki, Zach, Mom, John Reed, Beccs, Brody, Scott, and I! Pounds and pounds of bacon, coffee cake and mamosas. We ate and watched the parade as Scott scooted off for the Turkey bowl.

I left to get home early, I had to prepare for the road trip. Scott ended up coming home about 12 covered in bruises. He had taken quite a hit in the Turkey bowl. They played in Scottsdale and there must have been 20 + people there. A bunch of guys from work and then old friends from college days showed up for this hallowed of football games. Scott of course if the most quick and speedy from any team and had touch down after touchdown. People were singing his prasies and commenting on his speed and agility. He was defintely the MVP of the game. There was also one hell of a hit where his face met the hip of an opponent. This resulted in a mild concussion, bruises on the corners of his eyes, an injury under his right eye, and a lump on his forehead. What a hit!!!!
There was furious packing, a pit stop into the gas station and then we hit the road. A short 5 hours later and we walked into Aunt Jan's home right as Thanksgiving dinner was being dished up. Everyone was there. Grandma & Grandpa Pickering, mom, dad & Timmy, Jan & Ken, Cathy & Steve, Scott & Rachel, Steve, Renee, and Katelynn, Kristi, Greg & Emily, Phillip, Ino, their daughter Serena & baby James, newly engaged Nicole and Chris. What a greeting. What a family.

The home was bustling with Thanksgiving warmth and there was love and laughter. It was the sight that I feel most families long for and few can create. Not this group, it was second nature and a completely natural habitat. The food was delicious! I had heard tale of Renee's cranberry salad for months and that was the first things Scott went to (later it because his favorite after leftover snack). There were rolls, sweet potatoes, ham, turkey, veggies, smashed potatoes, stuffing, all the fixings and lots of desserts. It was idyllic.

When all was consumed in a feeding frenzy there was time for digestion. Some stayed home and slept, others went to play horse shoes and a few of us toddled off to the movies. The idea was to see Four Christmases, but we had arrived moments to late. [To help progress the story along, I had just finished the book Twilight] The alternative was seeing the movie "Twilight". This was quite alright by me and seemingly fortuitious and willingly I agreed. Katelynn had seen it three times already and was beeming with the idea of seeing Edward saunter into the cafeteria once more.

When it wrapped it was home and to bed, there was yet another day or so of festivities ahead and it would be best to be rested. Friday brough tournaments. After a visit to Norco best for a early morning pastrami sandwich and a ride over to Grandma & Grandpa's house it was back home and out to horse shoes. This is a competitive group which is quite alright by me. Now I recall I didn't win, but there is nothing as exhilarating as playing horse shoes in the darkness of a southern California night by the simple glow of a landscaping light. I highly recommend it. Following horse shoes it was time for Thanksgiving leftovers. This lead to a breath taking rendition of cheers performed by Becky & Jan in the kitchen. I think that may acutally be a highlight of the day. Afterward it was up to the loft for Catch Phrase in a battle of the sexes. I maintain that we Dominated! This is a game that brings out the best and the brightest of the competitors the charades that happen are epic! After we wrapped that game a very inpromptu rendition of pool took place and we are fortunate we didn't break a finger. :)

Saturday morning took Scott and I into Anaheim for some Christmas shopping at the World of Disney store. We weren't there for more than an hour but we did Work. It doesn't take much more than the word "go" to set me off in that place. There needed to be a reprise of Pastrami so another stop of Norco's Best lead to the whole family joining us. Great minds really do think alike.

There was one more horse shoe tournament and then a little more catch phrase this time with was the "Kids vs. Adults" I think it is safe to say that we won in that challenge as well. We had to say our sad goodbyes and gave hugs after hugs after hugs. Scott and I slipped off to our car and then drove home. We blinked an we were back. Thanksgiving quickly became fond memories and we can not wait to see the family again soon.

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