Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bahama Bucks

Last night we were talking about a conversation I had with one of my most dear friends Rachael. We talked about how her inlaws live up at Lake Havasu. That got Scott talking about the shaved ice he'd had once upon a visit.
I mentioned to him that Bahama Bucks was the place for shaved ice and that we had to go there. I looked up the closest location and when I got back from boot camp we left to go.
The line was OUT the door. Apparently they were doing Free 12oz shaved ice treats for everyone that day which is Crazy but we took advantage of the opportunity. After a great internal conflict of which flavor to get, Scott made his decision. As tempting as peaches & cream, guava & passionfruit were he settled with Creme Brulee and 1/2 Fuzzy navel. I had a strawberry daiquiri with cream. They were splendid and even better than Lake Havasu for Scott. We have to remember to take Tim there next time his is in town. All in all a Successful ice visit.


Brad and Lisa said...

Good to see you have a blog!! I found your other one but it looks like this one is more updated. How fun!

Rachael Jill said...

I miss bahama bucks. We used to go there all the time! Ahhh, memories.