Monday, December 8, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

"It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas"

There are always 'firsts' when you're in relationship and this one is magic. A cloudy Sunday morning woke Scott and I as sunlight filtered in between the curtains. With the energy of little kids we bounded outside to put up our Christmas lights. Twinkly white icicle lights light the eaves of the home, while color lights make the plants and door frame sparkle.
To reward ourselves with a job well done we had peppermint ice cream and ginger ale. What a great snack. There was basketball watched, of course, and we bid our time until it was off to my mom's home for dinner.

There really is nothing like BBQ hamburgers, baked potatoes, and beans. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. For dessert we roasted marshmallows. Maybe I turned it into a war, but they were still good. After chatting and laughing with the family Scott and I excused ourselves. We were off to hunt for the Perfect Tree. We found ourselves at Moon Valley Nursery. Our look was over....

We pulled up to the Nursery and it was exactly what a Christmas tree lot should be. There were little fires lit to keep anxious tree hunters warm. The make shift forest was full of Blue Spruce and Noble Firs, their aroma was intoxicating and you couldn't help but smile as the nostalgia of Christmases past flooded your thoughts.

There was much hunting about until we found the perfect tree. A 6 foot Noble and perfect for our home. We had Aaron strap it to the top of the car and we were homeward bound.
We got the tree inside and I set to work with the Christmas lights. 6 strands of white lights and 3 strands of unique candle fickering lights created the majestic atmosphere. Ornaments of red and white, candy cane stripes, and of course some Arizona trinkets found their way on our branches. At the top of the tree, a silver star. This is my touch of Disney as the star has delicate details depicting the sillouette of Mickey Mouse. The tree is Perfect!

With "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" playing in the background Scott and I took our first (I'm sure of many) Christmas picture.

I hope that you are already filled with the Holiday Spirit. I know that at our house it is twinkling from Christmas lights, fireplaces, and smiling faces!!! I hope you are all well and enjoying this time of year.
With all our love,
Scott and Stacey


Rachael Jill said...

This is so adorable!! Love the writing. I felt like I was there. Isn't Christmas 10 times better sharing it with someone you love? There is nothing like it. You guys look great together.

Rachael Jill said...

P.S. LOVE the red coat.

Rachael Jill said...

Time for an update, you two...

Loved seeing you! I wish it would have been longer. I know! You and Scott should come visit!!! (this is my not-so-sublte hint that you need to visit. I have been home for one day and am already missing everyone terribly)